29 Nov 2016

42043 Alternate - Mobile Crane


Alternate model for 42043 Mercedes Arocs. Features 3 manual and 4 motorized functions. Instructions available at MOCPlans.com

My first try on making one set MOC. I decided to build a mobile crane, because Arocs has great amount of universal parts, and it was quite challenging to fit four functions into the supestructure with given range of parts (for example - it uses almost all gears provided with the set). It has three manual functions - steering (three axles are steerable), supestructure rotation and fake V6 engine behind the cab. Four motorized functions are powered by L motor trough two gearboxes. First one allows to fold/retract stabilizers and fold/retract crane arm. Second one operates winch and pneumatic pump. The winch can be locked in place.

Few pictures; more below: 




The model comes with full building instructions, that are divided into submodels (like chassis, cab, deck parts, supestructure, crane arm, etc.)

Please not that 42043 set DOES NOT comes with a string, so this model needs additional, at least 2m long string.

Instructions available at MOCPlans: 





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