31 Oct 2010

Power Miners Loader mk2

Another model built with using Power Miners colour scheme. This time it's a low profile loader.

28 Sep 2010

Liebherr R944C Tunneling Excavator

Specialized version of one the Liebherr excavators. Features remote drive & steering, fully motorized arm, remote operated blade & supperstructure slewing, custom stickers and lights.

12 Sep 2010

Lifeguard car

I bought Lifeguard from Collectable Minifigures series and I thought that she deserves her own vehicle :)

5 Sep 2010

Liebherr LTR 1100

Crawler crane built in minifig scale. Features extensible chassis and pneumatically elevated boom.

7 May 2010

Liebherr PR 764

Fully motorized bulldozer in aproximatelly 1:17 scale. Features remotely operated drive, blade & ripper movement trough Power Functions operated valves.

22 Apr 2010

Sandvik LH 517L

Model of underground mining loader. Features remote drive & steering, pneumatically elevated & tilted bucket (fed from external pump), lights and custom stickers.

16 Feb 2010

Kenworth W900 Rotator

Heavy tow truck. My most complex construction up to date. Features remote drive & steering, elevated axle #2, rear & side outriggers,pneumatic operated towing arm, rotated, elevated & extended boom, dual drum winch, engine model, opened doors and bonnet, lights and custom chromed parts.